In pre-production

Delivery Q3 2018


3D Family Animation


Denis Higgins

Adapted by Stephen Meier


Terry Jones

Bill Jones

Ben Timlett


Bill & Ben Productions

Valerie Sapienza and

Simon Crowe


and the Case of the Missing Santa Claus

Two of the most famous fictional characters in the World unite in this fun, action-packed, 3D Christmas family animation.

This is a world of animals – Sherlock as a smart Hound, Dr Watson as his comedic but loyal

side-kick, and Moriarty as a feline Cruella De Vil. Set in London, the film will feature the Queen, her crown jewels and Santa’s grotto.


Turn of the century London, Sherlock Hound, the greatest dog detective the world has ever seen, is in a slump. There are no new cases and the ‘dreaded’ Christmas holidays are about to begin. Suddenly, a young puppy, Calvin, appears at his door pleading for his help. He’s seen something suspicious flying over London. As Sherlock and Watson contemplate the validity of Calvin’s story, a flurry of henchmen pile into 221b Barker Street, followed by her Majesty the Queen. They too are deeply concerned about an ‘Unidentified Flying Object’, but luckily Calvin found a clue on the way to Barker Street.


As Sherlock runs outside to sniff around, a sleigh from the North Pole arrives along with the Head Elf; Santa is missing with only hours until Christmas!


All-action, 3D family animation from the very funny Bill Jones, Ben Timlett and Monty Python’s Terry Jones. Features our favourite characters Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Moriarty, the Queen, Father Christmas and his reindeer.

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