RED SQUARE television is the TV division of SC Film group. RED SQUARE TV has been established by Jamie Brown and Matthew Joynes (founder of SC Films with Simon Crowe) to develop, produce, finance and distribute quality Television programing around the World.

Jamie Brown, President of Red Square Television has produced over 40 feature films and a number of high budget television series. Through his contacts in Canada, the U.S., U.K. France and Italy, Jamie has become well known for developing international co-productions. He has been instrumental in creating financing strategies involving equity financing, production loans, cash flowing, gap financing, tax credit offerings, sale and leaseback situations, facilities deals, and identifying augmented license fees for distribution rights. Through his background in screenwriting and talent-packaging, Jamie has developed prestigious creative links throughout the English-speaking world in drama production.


Stephan Manpearl is head of Strategic Alliances for Red Square TV. Stephan is a veteran entertainment industry  executive , and UCLA instructor.  He has worked on over 550 feature films,  and numerous television programs, providing a wide range of services.


Previously, Manpearl’s extensive experience included working for Paramount, Fox, Universal , Columbia, Live/Artisan, Lionsgate, New Line, Prosperity/Flashpoint, on films such as Star Trek, Airplane, Reds, Flashdance, Footloose, Trading Places, Officer and Gentleman, Karate Kid,  Out Of Africa, Pretty in Pink, Maid in Manhattan, The Substitute, The Arrival, Blood Sport, Heathers,  Madison,  Hoosiers,  The Big Easy, The Whistleblower,  Black or White , Blood in the Amazon, many others.


The company has offices in LA and London.