Welcome to SC Films, specialists in worldwide distribution, finance and production of quality theatrical,  home entertainment film and television.

SC Films is based in London and was founded by film executive Simon Crowe and tech entrepreneur / producer Matthew Joynes in 2008.

Simon Crowe was appointed Chairman of Film Export UK in 2017 (a department of trade and industry funded body).

SC Films is a full member of IFTA.

Latest News

Orang Ikan

A WWII creature survival horror “ORANG IKAN” directed by Mike Wiluan (“Buffalo Boys,” HBO series “Grisse”) and starring Japan’s Dean Fujioka (“Fullmetal Alchemist,” “The Man From The Sea”) and the U.K.’s Callum Woodhouse (“All Creatures Great and Small,” “The Durrells”).

In Post.

Girl in the Clouds

The film is inspired by Romain Puertolas’ 2015 French novel The Girl Who Swallowed A Cloud As Big As The Eiffel Tower, which has been translated into nine languages. It follows a 12-year-old bookworm entrusted with a magical quill that can grant any wish it writes.

In Production.


CGI animated action adventure film for all the family, based on the award-winning novels by Carol Wilkinson.


He Loves Me Not

An aspiring actress secretly uses a love potion to win the heart of a reality TV star, but when her deception is revealed, she discovers a messy but real chance for love.



Luke is a near-immortal angel and stands on the side of good. He is an eternally cursed young man who only ages when he saves lives.

In Post

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