Welcome to SC Films, specialists in worldwide distribution, finance and production of quality theatrical and home entertainment.

SC Films is based in Soho, London and was founded by film executive Simon Crowe and tech entrepreneur / producer Matthew Joynes in 2008.

SCFI Group, in addition to theatrical animation and live action film, is also active in Television production and sales through its tv division.

Simon Crowe was appointed Chairman of Film Export UK in 2017 (a department of trade and industry funded body).

SC Films is a full member of IFTA.

Latest News


A same-sex couple face homophobic threats when they move to a small US town to raise their daughter. As the threats become more insidious they begin to suspect there are even darker forces at play.

Olympic Dreams

In the Olympic Athlete Village, a young cross-country skier and a volunteer dentist share a special but limited time together.

Where’s Santa?

It’s Christmas eve and not only has Santa Claus gone missing but Sherlock Holmes is nowhere to be found. Only young Sherlock protégé Samuel can save Christmas in this all-action animated feature.

The Dust Walker

After an insidious parasite is brought to earth by an alien spaceship, Jo Sharp must fight to protect her family and the town she loves. Sci-fi thriller set in the Australian outback.


Stereoscopic CGI animation action adventure for all the family. Based on the award-winning novels by Carole Wilkinson, with visuals by Sergio Pablos (Despicable Me, Minions) and Borja Montoro (Zootopia).

For more details on production and completed titles please contact: info@scfilmsinternational.com