3D Family Animation
Rob Moreland (Happily N’Ever After)
Kyle Newman (The Hollow, Fanboys)
Micah Herman
Peter Lepenoitis
(The Nut Job)
John H. Williams (Shrek 1,2,3)
Cinesite Montreal

3D family animation from producer John H. Williams. Mother and daughter with the help of an army of gnomes must defend themselves from an attack by troggs – the script is full of action, humour, romance and adventure.

Chloe and her mother Catherine are moving again. This time to New England and a wonderful gothic house with a weird collection of garden gnomes. Chloe will have to start a new school and make new friends all over again.

Chloe immediately starts to notice odd things happening around the house. Candy gets opened. Wrappers left on the floor. Biscuits eaten. Catherine accuses Chloe but she knows she is innocent. Is that garden gnome smirking at her, did it just move? Chloe makes an amazing discovery. The garden gnomes are alive! They are there to protect the house, it’s inhabitants and neighbourhood from attacks by troggs.

Meanwhile, Chloe has met the new neighbour, Liam, who instantly takes a shine to her. Chloe, Liam and the gnomes embark on a series of adventures to protect one and all. Action, humour and escapades ensue in this fun-packed family adventure from John H. Williams.

Tara Strong
Olivia Holt
Josh Peck
Becky G
July 2017 Trailer
AFM 2016 Teaser