Pre Production (UK)
Delivery Q1 2019
Sci-Fi – Action
Nick Davies
Brett Davies
Phillip Escott
(Cruel Summer)
Daniel J. Harris

An alien crash landing on her farm leaves Efa cut off from the world. She soon finds herself working with a mysterious MOD agent in order to try and save the planet…but at what cost?

DAY 1: Efa’s quiet farm life is disrupted when ghostly aliens crash-land on her property. Before she has the opportunity to recover from the shock, a mysterious MoD agent, Smith, has invited himself in to her home. He is on the hunt for young healthy humans to satisfy the ravenous brain-eating aliens. Realising her daughter’s life is at risk, Efa is determined to keep her safe from the mad man that has invaded their lives. A few miles from the farm, Sam and Callie’s tumultuous relationship is heightened when the aliens attack their hostel.

DAY 2: Sam and Callie emerge from their hiding space to find they, and the handyman Marcus are the lone survivors. With the half- eaten bodies of their friends scattering the path, they must find their way to the nearest town if they want to live. As Efa’s distrust for Smith grows, it soon becomes clear that they must work together if they want to stop these creatures from destroying their world.

DAY 3: Sam, Callie & Markus reach the supposed safety of Efa’s farm. But when night falls, Efa must choose between them and saving her own daughter. Will it be the end of the world… or just the end of Efa’s world? One thing is for certain, the aliens are here. A sacrifice must be made. Sci-fi action thriller from producer Daniel J. Harris and director Phillip Escott.