Completed (2009)
UK Production
James Moran
(Severance, Dr. Who)
Pat Holden
David A Hughes

Paul Carty is 19, good-looking, funny, clever – and bored out of his mind. His mother died a year ago. He lives in middle class suburbia with his silently grieving father and feisty young sister, Molly.

It’s at a Bunnymen gig that he meets Elvis and everything changes.

Elvis is part of a gang called The Pack. The Pack are notorious; they dress in a cultish, almost effeminate style that’s at odds with the boneheads and bootboys they fight against. For as long as he has been going to football, Carty has been fascinated by The Pack. Now Elvis seems to offer him a way in.

Except he won’­­t. He warns Carty that the pack are nobodies. Elvis is a council estate romantic, a dreamer with big plans about escaping to Berlin, New York, anywhere… Anywhere, so long as Carty comes with him. He’s been waiting all his life for someone like Carty, someone he can talk with and relate to. They love the same bands – Magazine, Joy Division, Wire – and think the same way; or so Elvis wants to believe.

The Soundtrack features songs by:

  • Joy Division
  • The Cure
  • Ultravox
  • Echo and the Bunnymen
  • The Rascals
  • Magazine