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David Luke Rees
Madelaine Isaac
David Luke Rees
(Look the Other Way and Run)
David Luke Rees
Simon Crowe

UK set horror thriller- Lizzy (Patricia Allison-SEX EDUCATION, HIS DARK MATERIALS) is booked by her agency for 6 day carer role in Yorkshire.

A wealthy couple, Amy and Alex Cummings have ‘lost” their daughter in a tragic car accident several years ago, and Amy is in need of supervision whilst Alex is away on business.

The trauma of the crash, the loss of their daughter and Amy’s inability to become pregnant again because of her horrendous injuries, have all pushed them to a dangerous place. Lizzy arrives at their beautiful, rural family home to find all is not what it seems. Dark forces are summoned and Lizzy soon finds herself part of a devious plan. Death and murder ensue.


Patricia Allison
(Sex Education, His Dark Materials)

Jenny Spark

Rupert Young

Matthew Cottle
(The Windsors)