Courtroom Thriller / Romance
Shogen (GENSAN PUNCH, Sexual Drive, Street Fighters, Death Note)
Megumi (The Blood of Wolves, Stigmatized Properties)
Shingo Fujimori (THE FABLE)
Ryo Matsuura
Anshul Chauhan
(KONTORA – grand prix
winner at Tallinn Black
Nights Film Festival)
Takahiro Yamashita
Mina Moteki (Kontora)
Anshul Chauhan

DECEMBER stars popular Japanese actors Shogen and MEGUMI as an ex-husband and wife, who are pulled together again after their daughter’s murderer is granted a retrial. From the award-winning director Anshul Chauhan.

December is an independent, Japanese language film directed by Anshul Chauhan. It deals with the controversial subject of juvenile offenders by way of a retrial of a girl sentenced to life in prison for a murder committed at the age of seventeen. A courtroom drama at heart, the narrative is told not just from her perspective, but also those of the victim’s parents, covering the very grey area in the problem of criminal punishment and justice.