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Fantasy Horror
Sandra Sciberras
Caleb Scott
Tristan Barr
Tristan Barr
(Watch The Sunset)
Tristan Barr (Head Count)
David Gim
Sandy Pictures
Sandra Sciberras (The Dustwalker)

Luke is a near-immortal angel and stands on the side of good. He is an eternally cursed young man who only ages when he saves lives. However, as he ages, he can only become young once again by taking a life. He is stalked through time, by the charismatic but deadly, Malagor, a disguised demon who wants his powers.

Tristan Barr has directed DUSK from a screenplay he has written with Sandra Sciberras & Caleb Scott adapted from the novel “The Deathkeeper” by Vasilios Bouzas. Continuance Pictures Tristan Barr and David Gim serve as producers with Sandy Pictures Sandra Sciberras.

Executive producers are Kolperi Filmmaking’s Ashley Burgess, Michael Mace, Griffith Film School, Shannon Van Bael, Gregory Dolgopolov, Mashed Films Matt Caffoe, as well as Michael Cottier, Charlotte Cottier, Vasilios Bouzas, Sheema Pasha Bouzas, Shuang Hu, Peter Thurnwald.

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Charles Cottier
(Home & Away, 
Please Like Me – Netflix)

Peter Thurnwald
(XO Kitty – Netflix “Hit Sequel to All The Boys I’ve Loved)

Shuang Hu
(Five Blind Dates – Amazon Original)

Isabella Procida
(Rock Island Mysteries – Nickelodeon)

George Pullar
(Moon Rock for Monday – Cineverse)