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Delivery Q3 2024
Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, UK
Creature / Horror / Action
Mike Wiluan
(Buffalo Boys, HBO action series Grisse, Losmen Melati)
Eric Khoo (Be With Me, Folklore), Freddie Yeo (Westworld, Crazy Rich Asians), Tan Fong Cheng (Ramen Shop), Fumie Suzuki Lancaster (Gensan Punch), James Khoo, Darryl Yeo, Yutaka Tachibana, Takahiro Yamashita (December)

Set in the Pacific, 1942. A Japanese soldier and a British prisoner of war are stranded on a deserted island, hunted by a deadly creature. Two mortal enemies must come together to survive the unknown.

May, 1942. WWII rages across a world divided.

Sailing across the sea, a Japanese Hell Ship transports prisoners of war (POWs) to occupied territories for slave labour. Onboard the ship is Saito, a traitor to the Japanese who is being sent back to the motherland to be sentenced to death.

As further punishment, Saito is shackled to another POV, a British soldier named Bronson who holds nothing but hatred for Saito because of his Japanese nationality.

When the Hell Ship is torpedoed by Allied submarines, Saito and Bronson are thrown overboard and wash ashore a deserted island. But they are not alone. Bronson and Saito are hunted by a monstrous creature- the Orang Ikan- who will stop at nothing until both men are dead.

Bronson and Saito must put aside their hatred for one another to survive the island and kill the creature before it kills them first.

The film is supported by the Singapore Film Commission (SFC). The creature suit was designed by Hollywood’s acclaimed Special Effects Creator Allan Holt (Jurassic World, Underworld: Blood Wars). Director Mike Wiluan said “rather than create a monster to merely kill without purpose, the Orang Ikan has a motive”.


Dean Fujioka
(Fullmetal Alchemist, The Man From The Sea)

Callum Woodhouse
(All Creatures Great and Small, The Durrells)