(UK / Hong Kong)

Action / Thriller

Bizhan Tong
(Forensic Psychologist)

Debby Ryan

Charlie Wong (Warriors of Future)
Michael Chuah (Firefly)
Raimund Berens
Bizhan Tong

In the shaded world of ex-special forces, outcast Kelly Frost, Rachel Chan, and Inferno unite to stop a billionaire’s plot to destabilise Hong Kong. Amidst secrets and shifting alliances, trust is their only hope, as the mysterious Shashou watch from the shadows.

Privately financed by Philip Tsang and Laurence Yip, their mission is to shut down a highly capitalised vulture fund that’s run by the mysterious billionaire Bartholomew West. His aim, to destabilise Hong Kong financially and benefit from it greatly.

Crosses and double-crosses ensue in this all action deadly thriller starring Disney star Debby Ryan (Insatiable, The Resort, and Shortcomings).