Completed (Australia)
Delivery Q2 2019
Sci-Fi – Action
Sandra Sciberras
(The Green Door)
Sandra Sciberras
(The Green Door)
Grace Luminato (The Green Door)
Megan Wynn
(The Mountain Between Us)

After an insidious parasite is brought to earth by an alien spaceship, Jo Sharp must fight to protect her family and the town she loves.

An alien spaceship crash-lands in an isolated town in the middle of the Australian desert.

It releases an insidious parasite that attacks the brain of all creatures including humans, making them disorientated, unnaturally strong and violent.

Sergeant Jo Sharp, a long-time local cop desperately yearns for the city after being dragged

back to the small township due to the birth of her nephew. Prepared to leave, she wakes to find the township without communication. With her last day of duty ahead of her, Jo decides to rectify the problem with the help of her partner Luke Dawson. They soon realise that the ‘simple’ problem of fixing the coms tower is not so simple at all. As unexpected events unfold, the town starts to fall victim to a parasite that is spreading faster than it can be contained.

The manic town desperately seek salvation as they run from their infected love ones, but it seems they have been trapped by unknown forces. With no way out and the virus claiming

more and more towns people, Jo struggles to understand why… It eventually becomes clear that she must work with the alien creature, who is prepared to destroy the virus at all costs, if she wants to survive.

A genre hybrid of alien sci-fi and thriller – The Dust Walker will keep its audiences audiences on a fast journey, making the 24-hour time frame intensely adventurous, horrific and chilling.

Jolene Anderson
(Prey – Blumhouse Productions)
Stef Dawson
(The Hunger Games Series)
Richard Davies
(Tidelands – Netflix)
Harry Greenwood
(Hacksaw ridge)
International Trailer