Action / Thriller
Peter Facinelli (Countdown, 13 Minutes)
Fiona Dourif (Chucky)
Asher Angel (Shazam! 4.7m Instagram
Lance Henriksen (Aliens)
Nick Lyon (Bullet)
Peter Facinelli (The Vanished)
Beth Bruce, Rob Witte,
Joe Fernandez, Peter Facinelli,
Peter Winther, Suzanne Weinert

WILD FIRE RESCUE – A Family Survival Action/Suspense Film. Wild Fire Rescue follows a normal American family struggling with everyday living issues who suddenly find themselves forced to fight for their lives when a wildfire suddenly breaks out in their small California town of Colberg.

Their unexpected journey leads them down a path of tragic losses and perils and takes the audience on a suspenseful action packed ride. They find the tools they need along the way: a little faith, the strength and love they carry for each other, and support and help from first responders, that give them the chance to make it out alive.

This film is based on true events which shine a light on a very current and growing global issue. Wildfires continues to make headlines year after year, and this film gives the audience a profound inside look at the life threatening dangers a normal family faces when a devastating and rapidly moving wildfire occurs in their town.